As a native of Jefferson County I want to raise my family here and live the rest of my life in my hometown.  Therefore I want to give back to my community  and make Jefferson County a better place for all its citizens. 

Honorable David Carpenter, Circuit Court, Jefferson County  

  • Protects victims of crime
  • Protects our constitutional rights 
  • Gives Veterans a second chance.  It’s the least we owe them; they have sacrificed so much for us.
  • Implements treatment courts to address the causes of crime and reduce recidivism.  

I am a native of Jefferson County, and an alumni of Shades Valley High School and the University of Alabama.  I practiced law for sixteen years representing parties in civil rights cases, criminal court, family court, and domestic relations court.  I am a father of three and a resident of Bessemer. 

I am the Senior Circuit Court Judge for the Criminal Division in Jefferson County where I preside over felony criminal jury trials.  When I ran for Judge in 2012 I did so on the promise that I would establish a Veterans Treatment Court and I would expand our other treatment court programs for nonviolent offenders.  I have kept those promises. 


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  • 20+ years Lawyer and Judge
  • Canterbury United Methodist Church
  • United Fellowship Breakfast Forum
  • Husband, Father of three
  • Home in Bessemer
  • Shades Valley High School 
  • University of Alabama
  • Eagle Scout 
  • Youth Sports Coach